Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to take part in the Sixth International Conference on Environmental Mutagens in Human Populations (ICEMHP) to be held in Doha, Qatar, 26-29 March 2012.This is a must-attend event for researchers, scholars, students, policy-makers and all those interested in identifying the environmental causes of DNA damage and in finding solutions to their consequences to human health.

Qatar Foundation, the Environmental Mutagens Society (EMS) and the International Association of Environmental Mutagen Societies (IAEMS), the organizers of this conference, are proud to announce the sixth in a series of conferences aimed at promoting collaborative research in understanding the relationship between environmental factors, DNA mutation, and human disease.

The ICEMHP, which has previously been held in Egypt (1992), Czech Republic (1995), Thailand (1998), Brazil (2003) and Turkey (2007), is devoted to bringing the latest knowledge and expertise to the countries hosting the conference, aiming to develop results that are relevant to the particularly prevalent concerns of their region, and Doha will be no exception. The Qatar edition will focus on the local and regional application of genetic testing, risk assessment, and policy-making to protect both human health and the environment.

We aim to build on the success of previous conferences that have sparked the development of new scientific programs and collaboration among participants. To achieve this admirable goal we are calling on scientists, professors and, in particular, students and junior researchers from around the world to submit their abstracts for review (deadline 22 January 2012). The best-ranked abstracts will either be selected for oral presentation or will become a part of the poster presentation at the conference. Please refer to the abstracts and posters and awards section of the website for further information.

The conference will be honored by distinguished speakers including Her Royal Highness Professor Princess Chulabhorn of Thailand, Dr Kirk R. Smith, who was on the Nobel Laureate team with former US Vice President Al Gore, and other outstanding scientists.

During the conference, renowned scientists will present within specific symposia on the following topics:

Environmental contamination and health concerns
Basic mechanisms of mutagenesis and carcinogenesis
Specific environmental health concerns in developing countries
Biomarkers for human population studies
DNA repair and signaling in response to insult from environmental mutagens
Epigenetics and gene-environment interactions in human disease
Genomic and proteomic technologies in environmental health
Efficacy and safety of drug use in developing countries
Environmental contamination in adverse reproductive outcomes and non-cancer disease
Application of scientific knowledge for disease prevention
Ethical issues on environmental health


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